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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 16:32:06 PDT

Close, according to ...

an abbreviation for one million, seen in a few traditional units such as
the following entry. The abbreviation is meant to indicate one thousand
thousand, M being the Roman numeral 1000. However, MM actually means 2000,
not one million, in Roman numeration. "

I was sort of hoping it stood for "a million million", the British name
for a billion, in which case my comment would have been made more wry and
understated :-)


On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:

> > Alright. I absoloutely admit that I'm an ignorant dork. Bitless and
> > clueless. But really what the hell is MM? I've seen M, and when I
> > first saw this, I'm thinking a typo? Is this just another extension
> > of Million or something or am I really doing too many drugs?
> I always thought that
> M = 1000
> MM = 2000
> MMM = 3000
> et cetera
> - Ioe

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