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From: Tony Berkman (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 20:05:45 PDT

OK OK... I am sorry. I wrote in haste and obviously I was mistaken. I had
the number 250 MM in my head as well as a factor of 2, and obviously I
multiplied instead of divided. Here is an article that gives a good
breakdown of population and estimated population by geographic region:

Client Briefings
   Internet Demographics and Cyberspace Geography

     Worldwide Internet population will soon be more than 500 million

     Reports by International Data Corp. (IDC) and the Computer
     Industry Almanac (CIA) agree the earth will soon have more
     than 500 million adult Internet users, but they disagree about
     whether Europe or North America will be the leading market
     for Internet users by the year 2005.

     IDC says Europe's online population will pass that of the US
     in 2003, with 170 million Internet users, up from a current
     estimate of 44 million. Europe currently accounts for six of
     the world's top 10 Internet economies, and will soon increase
     to seven, according to IDC, which says these economies
     account for just 10 percent of the global Internet economy.

     IDC reports that in 14 nations, 40 percent of the population
     will be online by 2003, accounting for 50 percent of the
     world's economy. In the US, the Internet will account for 7
     percent of the gross domestic product by 2003, with 62
     percent of U.S. adults connected to Internet.

     But the CIA says North America will remain the leading
    region for Internet users until at least 2005, growing from
    about 83 million Internet users at the end of 1998 to nearly
    230 million in 2005. (See chart below.)

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