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Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 17:50:29 PDT

Subj: MSFT Put the Soft in Soft Money
Date: 10/18/00 8:30:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Grlygrl201

transcript plus commentary provided by msnbc. admitted: MSFT contributed
multi dinero to bush's campaign. explained: the dearth of positive
commentary from MSNBC on gore's superior performance last night.

I was glad that although MSNBC focused on Gore's so-called error in claiming
that pharmaceutical companies spend more on advertising than on research,
what is factual is that there has been a twenty-fold increase in
pharmaceutical advertising in the last four years and much less than that on

did i mention that my add meds doubled in price overnight, and that my
#(#&$&% hmo does not cover them? the drug company decided that selling my
meds in 500-pill bottles to pharmacies was not profitable enough so now they
will only sell 100-pill bottles. i'm not sure why that translates into a
100+% increase - i guess MARKET research. i wonder if bush can differentiate
between types of research. but i digress. bush told us if we felt we didn't
get proper medical care from our HMO we could sue. do you know how difficult
malpractice is to prove, especailly if trying to prove that what WASN'T done
directly contributed to a patient's condition? and to make matters worse,
doctors already attribute their rising costs to malpractice insurance, which
increases each time a complaint is MADE. (now i understand what stealth
taxes are.) and do you think it is wise or even feasible to tie up the
judicial branch of government this way?


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