Re: Am I HOT or NOT?

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From: Adam L. Beberg (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 21:29:38 PDT

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, James Tauber wrote:

> I wonder what the algorithm is for "random pictures". It's not evenly
> distributed as you get a lot of duplicates in a day. Not many duplicates
> between days, though. Doesn't seem to favour people who haven't been voted
> for much.

You noticed that two... in 5 minutes of playing I noticed the only people
above 6 were displaying T&A. Saw an 8.3 that wont be on the site long I'd
bet - oh my innocent eyes!. A few dups. Males all seemed to be < 4 with
shirtless (T&A again) getting them to ~5.

So is this an example of it being easy to be cruel from behind a keyboard,
or something skewing the types of people uploading pics?

Hey, here's a Kermit for your Pooh.

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