Re: Am I HOT or NOT?

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From: James Hong (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 08:33:01 PDT

Good question.. I'm really good friends with the guy who programmed the
site, so if this group can figure out the best solution (least database hits
and least processing needed), I can try to have it implemented...

BTW, here's a thought... This site is the first wildly popular
implementation of Winer's "Two Way Web". (Things like Napster don't count,
because I don't really consider MP3 files expression unless it's your own
music..or if the playlist is traded). They don't even ask you to upload your
picture so they can control it..the user is always in control of his/her own


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> I wonder what the algorithm is for "random pictures". It's not evenly
> distributed as you get a lot of duplicates in a day. Not many duplicates
> between days, though. Doesn't seem to favour people who haven't been voted
> for much.
> What should they use? A combination of total votes and standard deviation?
> I've forgotten my stats, but isn't it the case that you need fewer samples
> if the ones you have have a lower SD?
> James

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