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From: Sophie Maddox (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 17:38:45 PDT

My name is Sophie. I am not a computer wiz techie, just someone who
works for a software company in CA. A friend told me about the board
and for months now I have been reading but not posting. I have
learned much for my readings. I have decided to post a message if no
one objects, after all I am a newcomer. There is something I would
like to say. $-)

I want to say bravo to Tom for his very powerful message. I agree
100%. Thank you.

I am confused. What started out with stats on who views the WWF,
which I am not sure means the World Wild Fund or the World Wrestling
Federation. If it is the latter, I'm out of my league. $-). How it
got from there to such a heated and sometime incorrect postings I am
not sure. I have noticed that there is a least one person who writes
something then when someone else responds to her message she returns
something diifferent. It seems like a vicious circle to nowhere.

When grlygrl201 wrote-- btw, fascism is not marxism. i don't feel
inclined at the end of a long work
 day to have to explain to you in analdetail (aspersions cast your
way) their

I had to say something. GG you seem to throw out many 'isms' do you
know the difference? Some very subtle differences. Marxism is not
coummunism and communism is not socialism. Most of the European
countries practice some type of socialism--most go under the guise of
democratic governments, some have a monarchy, but democratic and
practice socialism. I am not going to bore people with a long email
copied words that don't make sense. I just wanted voice my t

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