MAPS beats Harris Interactive

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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 20:52:17 PDT

Harris Interactive is a polling company; they are documented to
egregiously violate follow basic courtesy practices when adding people
to their polling mailing lists. They allow people to be added to the
lists anonymously via a bunch of web sites, but removing yourself from
the list requires sending non-anonymous email.

Naturally, many ISPs don't want to receive mail from such people; while
it falls short of criminal spamming, it is far short of standard
industry practices. So MAPS added Harris Interactive to the RBL, which
is a list of IP-address ranges that fail to observe basic courtesy
email practices, published for the convenience of ISPs that don't want
to receive such email.

Harris sued MAPS and a long list of ISPs that used MAPS.

Last month, MAPS issued a press release explaining that Harris has
dropped the suit; that Harris remains on the RBL; and that, of the ISPs
listed as defendants, only Hotmail has capitulated.

I read about this on Slashdot today.

This gives me a warm feeling. The Internet is safe for another day.

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