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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 09:21:30 PDT

Anybody else find that FastCompany is the "Cosmo" of the web? I suppose
that must mean it's targetted at women. They're both big on building
confidence, both talk a lot about how to present yourself in [this season's
clothes]/[your resume], and knowing when to [dump that boyfriend]/[leave
that job].

Anybody who's ever picked up a couple issues of Cosmo, or had friends who
were addicted to this kind of thing, knows every issue of Cosmo has a quiz
in it. November's seems to be "Is He Relationship-Ready?". This month,
FastCompany has a quiz to determine what office role you play. [1] [2]

Next, the "Action Item" entry in FastCompany is about how to "reinvent
yourself", written by a recruiter who is not a headhunter but a "head
farmer". How touchy-feely. Well, Cosmo has a Head-to-Toe Get Gorgeous
Guide, AND advice on how to get your guy hot and bothered.

Each has a poll: Cosmo's "Passion Poll" wants to know how its readers would
react to a boyfriend's request for some sexual fantasy role-playing [3].
FastCompany wants to know whether it is the responsibility of business
leaders to right the social wrongs of the new economy. Borrrring!

FastCompany has an interview with somebody I've never heard of on what makes
teams work; Cosmo has an interview with a hot actor on what makes
lap-dancing and dates work.


[1] Since FoRKers Need To Know, apparently I have a "Potential Paramour",
and Cosmo recommends "figure out if he's the guy for you", "be more
affectionate", and "give him a deadline for becoming more committed". Seems

[2] The results here are more confusing; apparently I'm an Acrophobe, a
Pessimist, a Bulldozer and Mr. Spock all at once. Unfortunately, no advice
is given.

[3] The FoRKers Need to Know stops here.

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