Re: WWDTM round 2

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 10:23:57 PDT

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Karee Swift wrote:

--]Actually I would have gone for 'The failing attempts of Clinton and
--]Lazio to finangle their way out of the 'Bill 602b' faupau.'

Ya know I almost put that one in but shied away from an overt cliton
thing not wanting to get rained on by the two party mosh piters.

--]Do I win Rohit's voice on my answering machine? ;)

Actualy I have been thinking about this. This started as a once off but im
kinda liking the format. I dont know if Rohit would be so kind but untill
I can get our fearless leader into some sort of voice over deal I will
offer this as a prize.

I will record an MP3 answering machine message once a week for the person
who answered the most WWDTM emails. Each winner can email me a genral
mood/catch phrases they want used...the rest ill spin as it sptrike me.

that should spice up the competitve edge of forkers:)-

    [---=== WSMF ----]

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