Re: High-Tech Boom Breeds a Class War In Silicon Valley

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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 13:20:40 PDT

Very interesting, and glad you posted it. I guess that my hubby and I
qualify as Silicon Valley lower-middle class, by the duBois family standards.
Of course, they probably bougbht their house years ago.

I remember Central Square in 1981 when I came to Cambridge as a freshman.
Growing up in rural New England, I thought all the women dressed in bright
colors laughing in groups along Mass Ave were just there hanging out,
and wondered why they weren't at work. I hadn't yet learned not to talk
to people yet, so I would chat with them and with the occasional big guy
wearing all the gold jewelery who'd be standing nearby.

I think what I most regret is not being able to talk to everybody anymore,
and living a lot of my life according to what various other people think
are good ideas. Someday I hope I'll outgrow that, too.


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