Re: High-Tech Boom Breeds a Class War In Silicon Valley

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Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 02:25:28 PDT

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Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM writes:

<< GG claims that I need a lesson in Fascism. Okay, do let me know what you
 think it is. In my opinion, fascism is a system of government marked by
 centralization of authority, stringent socioeconomic controls, and oft
 marked by suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship.

hi yang. article was great, but i work for a private non-profit with diverse
direct services (including mental health therapy, ryan white (aids) and
adoption services) that couldn't be further removed from the junior league
mentality described therein. no one i know would want to deprive the mr.
malagas of this world of realizing a real-estate profit - they are the people
we tap to serve on our boards! :-) we recognize that there are long-term and
short-term solutions to the problem of poverty. dealing with the short-term
doesn't mean we eschew the long; it just means that when a family with an
immediate critical need comes along we help them get back on their feet. re
the fish vs fishing pole school of thought, sometimes red tides occur.

i think the article pretty accurately describes the charitable-giving
situation in america today. children and education are sexy, but caring for
the aged and ill is not. i guess there is a perception in a returns-centered
society that feeding the elderly or finding dentures for aids patients is
sort of money down the drain.

that commentary provided, we are seeing a trend from federal/state aid to
privatization. nowhere (thank god!) does your article mention government
intervention - no one applied for fema or ship dollars, right? and no one
sued, no aclu involvement. the article just pretty much spelled out the
differences in charitable giving mentality, still allowed in this country.

thanks for the eye-opener,


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