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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 11:04:36 PDT

...will have dawned when we can replace Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke
with Esther Dyson and John Gilmore, as well as replacing some penguins
with BSDaemons, and get all the lip-synching right.

Come to think of it, "we", for some value of "we" which doesn't include
little ol' zero-video-editing-capability me, can probably already do

BTW, if there's a Fork'r in the SF Bay area who'd let me do some 8mm
editing, would be much obliged. Still have my underwater video from the
wreck dive on the Hilma in Bonaire, and some misc YellowMan Reef
footage, to edit down into something reasonable.


---fwd'd from several other places before it got to me----
> Subject: How to Give a Math Lecture at a Party.
> Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 20:32:09 -0700
> From: Eric Hughes <>
> To: Dan Haney <>

How to Give a Math Lecture at a Party.

1. Pick the right party. I would suggest the RSA patent expiration
    to benefit the CryptoRights Foundation, but that party has already
    happened. (See )
      1a. Ensure that there are a bunch of people at the party who've
           to learn more about modular rings than they ever thought they
      1b. Ensure that these people have also had to think about
           of runtimes.
      1c. In short, ensure that there are a bunch of cypherpunks and
           fellow-travellers hanging around.

2. Have the MC give away the punch line by announcing that you're going
    sing a funny song.

3. Begin by insisting that the MC was mistaken. Announce that you're
    going to give a math lecture instead, and turn on the overhead
    projector. (Props are important signals of intent here.)

4. Put up, in sequence, the following four slides. Prepare the slides
    be unnecessarily notational.

4-1. A description of the RSA algorithm. Include the statement N=pq
      make sure to include the notation for the Euler totient function.

4-2. A description of the algorithmic runtime of the Number Field
      Sieve. It's really messy. Write it all out and go through it
      in loving detail. Talk about the best known constants. Be sure
      to drop Don Copperfield's name, because many good mathematical
      cryptography lectures do so. Point out that the logarithm of a
      logarithm is uncommon.

4-3. The assertion that the runtime of the NFS is slower than every
      polynomial function in the limit of large inputs. Use first
      order logic notation to avoid as many understandable words as

4-4. The assertion that the runtime of the NFS is faster than every
      exponential function with arbitrary constant base in the limit
      of large inputs. Again, use first order logic notation.

5. Say the words, "So the NFS has ..." and proceed without pause to the
    next step.

6. Break into song. Sing the following lyrics to the obvious Mary

> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes.
> Even though in practice it would take you several lifetimes,
> If you ran it long enough you'd always find those two primes.
> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
> E to the root-log root-log-log [4x]
> When I was but a naive lad first coding two's and three's
> I thought the only "orders of" were trivialities.
> But when I saw this function something opened up to me
> The elegance of computational complexity.
> [Chorus]
> I was at a meeting when up came a man in black
> Who told me that his agency had mounted an attack.
> Convincing him was fruitless that his budget would collapse
> All I know his trumpeter will soon be playing Taps.
> [Chorus]
> In virtual environments has grown up a debate
> Of whether strong cryptography can overthrow the state.
> But several such technologies including public key
> Shall herald in the coming age of crypto-anarchy.
> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
> Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes

6a. Pause during each round of applause so the audience can hear all
    the words.



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