Bill Joy's slashdotted

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Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 14:12:13 PDT

First a little introduction: Before my brain turned to mush and I
went into engineering management, I worked with Chris Olds. Chris
occasionally reminds me that I should join FoRK -- I haven't talked to
Chris in a while and I've been missing the abuse so I thought I'd

Anyway, I couldn't pass this up:

Slashdot posted a story about a synthetic interview with Bill Joy.
Basically, you ask the thing questions and it tries to simulate Bill
Joys answers. I haven't actually been able to try it because Bill
Joy's apparently been Slashdotted. Someone posted the following Haiku:

The site's not working
Good thing its just a program
Bill Joy's slashdotted

Maybe it will be back up at:

The Slashdot story is at:

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