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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 05:49:53 PDT

Hey, this is question number two on the list of Microsoft
interview questions.

The answer is:
  Stand up, walk out of the room, tell the Microsoft
  Interviewer that you just realized that you left the
  oven on and you are worried about your parakeets and
  get the hell out of WA. Be happy with your decision that
  you've avoided a slow, agonizing death of programming for
  sub-premium wages and underwater stock options based on
  the dream that MSFT stock will never go down.

Tony Berkman wrote:
> A man arrives at a FoRK in the road. One path leads to happiness and
> bliss, the other to all things bad and evil. He must make a choice. There
> are three people to help him in such. One is known to be a truth-teller
> who will always speak the truth. One is a liar who will only speak
> lies. The third is an equivocator who will sometimes speak the truth and
> sometimes not. The man does not know who is who. He is allowed to ask 2
> questions. He can ask them of 2 separate people or both to the same
> person. He must then make his choice. What should the questions be???

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