Re: Mr. Rifkin to United Airlines: the missed opportunities were conscious, trust me...

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From: Lorin Rivers (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 15:25:26 PDT

At 4:45 PM -0500 10/23/00, Adam Rifkin wrote:
>Anyone else get a desperate email from United begging you to
>start using their airline again?
>I'm not sure if the quality of United's service has gone down
>this year, or if I'm just projecting because I had some really
>bad experiences this year.

I gotta say, while I miss the tiny little benefits given to
"platinum" frequent fliers, I sure don't miss flying enough to get

I did get to read much more when I was flying 100K's per year, but my
family doesn't hate me (as much).

When I stopped being a member of the typing pool at 40,000 feet, I
got a similar mail from American...

I still haven't used any of my miles, because I am still so sick of
flying, and it's been three years! I could fly my family to Europe...


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