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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 15:52:53 PDT

As part of a class on Software Engineering I'm teaching this quarter, I have
been developing a list of higher quality articles on Open Source software
development, for use by students who are doing term projects on this
subject. There are many articles on Open Source in the trade press; in this
set of articles I'm collecting those that have been peer-reviewed, have
appeared in better-quality journals, or have been very influential. Some
resources are just links to other open source resources.


* The links to the IEEE and ACM digital libraries require a paid
subscription. I disagree with this practice, but have included the links as
a convenience for those who have access.

* The articles have not been significantly grouped, or ordered, although I
have tried to group articles from the same issue, or journal, together.

* This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you know of other high quality
articles, please send me a full citation, and URL if possible.

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge Donna Stidolph, who exposed me to the NBER
report (an nice economic analysis of participation in Open Source projects).

- Jim

Open Source Resources:

IEEE Software had a special issue on Open Source and Linux in the Jan/Feb
1999 issue.

"Linux on the Move", Terry Bollinger, Peter Beckman, IEEE Software, Jan/Feb,
1999, p. 30-35.
(Includes "A Brief History of Free Software and Open Source", Jesus M.
Gonzales Barahona, Pedro de las Heras Quirós, Terry Bolinger, p. 32-33).

"The Business Case for Linux", Evan Leibovich, IEEE Software, Jan/Feb, 1999,
p. 40-44.

"Setting Up Shop: the Business of Open-Source Software", Frank Hecker, IEEE
Software, Jan/Feb, 1999, p. 45-51.

"Linux in the Workplace", Jacob Hallén, Anders Hammarqvist, Fredrik Juhlin,
Anders Chrigström, IEEE Software, Jan/Feb, 1999, p. 52-57.

"Linux in Practice: An Overview of Applications", Terry Bolinger, IEEE
Software, Jan/Feb, 1999, p. 72-79. (Article includes 6
sidebars covering domain-specific uses of Linux).

"Culture Clash and the Road to World Domination", Greg Perkins, IEEE
Software, Jan/Feb, 1999, p. 80-84.

"Linux and Open-Source Success", Interview of Eric S. Raymond by W. Craig
Trader, IEEE Software, Jan/Feb, 1999, p. 85-89.

Communications of the ACM had a section of the April, 1999 (Vol. 42, No. 4)
issue dedicated to Open Source.

"The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by Eric S. Raymond has been a recent
influential paper advocating Open Source development. (The above page has
links to a number of other related articles).

A critique of this paper appears in "Beyond the Cathedral, Beyond the
Bazaar", by Jonathan Eunice

Another critique is: "A Second Look at the Cathedral and the Bazaar",
Nikolai Bezroukov, First Monday, volume 4, number 12 (December 1999),

"A case study of Open Source software development: the Apache server",
Audris Mockus, Roy Fielding, James Herbsleb, Proc. 2000 Int’l Conference on
Software Engineering (ICSE2000), Limerick, Ireland, June 4-11, p. 263-272.

Appropriately, the O’Reilly book, "Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source
Revolution", ed. by Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman & Mark Stone, 1999, has its
full text available online.

"The Simple Economics of Open Source", Joshua Lerner, Jean Tirole, National
Bureau of Economic Research, 2000, NBER Working Paper 7600.

The online journal First Monday had a number of articles on Open Source in
their March, 1998 issue:

"Cooking Pot Markets: An Economic Model for the Trade in Free Goods and
Services on the Internet", Rishab A. Ghosh, First Monday, vol. 3., no. 3,
March, 1998,

"Linux and Decentralized Development", Christopher B. Browne, First Monday,
vol. 3, no. 3, March, 1998,

"FM Interview with Linus Torvalds: What motivates free software
developers?", First Monday, vol. 3, no. 3, March, 1998,

"Requirements Elicitation in Open-Source Programs", Lisa G. R. Henderson,
Crosstalk, July, 2000,

On October 23, 2000, Slashdot ( had a discussion on
requirements elicitation in Open Source projects.

"A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Developers", Bert J
Dempsey, Debra Weiss, Paul Jones, and Jane Greenberg, Unpublished
manuscript, University of North Carolina,

DMOZ has a listing of Open Source resources at:

Google has a list of resources as well:

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