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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 11:32:51 PDT

Hi Forkers,

I used Everything(, some enhancements) to create a web
site for p2p stuff, P2P mania. I'm crossposting this from the decentralization

This is a place where people can come to talk about the 2 way web, the semantic web, and person-person and friend-friend
computing, that is any decentralized computing
where everyone is a peer and a person, not a consumer or an impression or a

You can go there, create an account for yourself, add your projects,
articles, papers, etc. Its not the most userfriendly site but IMHO has
great functionality for collaborative endeavors such as this.

You can also use as a guest user. But there is only one guest user:-)

There are no adverts.
The privacy policy is: nothing is ever given to anyone, unless I am held up
at gunpoint for it ;-)

How to use?

Help build a library of information about decentralized computing by signing
up, and authoring your own nodes on this system.
Add companies, describe your projects, review papers, and
use this as a bookmarker. As a user, you will have your own front
page on which you can blog nodes you create, as
well as see the latest nodes you authored.

All kinds of documents and discussion, including
the technical, legal, social, and political ramifications of decentralized
computing, are welcome.

The documentation can be found at the documentation node
and is mandatory reading. The documentation lists the nodes a
mortal user can create. The user interface and most node types suck, but will
suck less with time, and will be automatically

Linking is very simple and described in the docs. Linking is bi-directional.

There are already some companies and project nodes up there. If you are one
of them and want to take them over, email me, and I'll change the permissions.

So pls <gratuitous fork reference>fork</> away at the web site..

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