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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 20:42:39 PDT

Gates blew smoke at Groove. It was something to behold. He was smilin all
the way. Dave

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Subject: Groove PR: Grove, Gates, and Udell

> Gee, bill, why isn't exchange+IE as exciting as this? Where's the
> real-time XML pub/sub devkit from Redmond?
> >"We're entering a new phase in the Internet. We need a new breed of
> >software that goes beyond Web browsing to use the full power of the
> >personal computer and ubiquitous Internet communications," said Bill
> >Gates, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect. "Ray has a
> >history of building breakthrough applications. With Groove, he and
> >his team have built a deep and innovative application that is a
> >great example of where the Internet is going."
> Amazing release list. Something to look forward to in life... in the
> meantime, we'll puzzle out what the heck Peer-to-Web could possibly
> mean :-)
> Rohit
> ========================================================
> Groove Networks Introduces First Software Platform To Enable
> Peer-to-Peer Business Solutions and Personal Communications
> Groove provides closer connections among individuals, flexible and
> secure interaction among businesses, and platform for peer
> applications
> Beverly - October 24, 2000
> Groove Networks Inc. today introduced the industry's first software
> platform designed to host a broad range of peer computing
> applications and business solutions, enabling new ways for
> individuals to communicate with others via the Internet. The Preview
> Edition of Groove is available immediately for free download at
> Ray Ozzie, who is best known for creating Lotus Notes, the groupware
> product now used by more than 60 million people worldwide, founded
> Groove Networks three years ago to create products that leverage the
> two-way capabilities of the Internet for people who interact closely
> with one another. The result is Groove, a software product for
> individuals and businesses, as well as a complete set of tools and
> services that developers can use to create new solutions and
> integrate Groove with existing business systems.
> Groove is based on a peer computing architecture, providing
> communication among individuals via the Internet without the need for
> a central server. This decentralized approach to computing gives
> individuals the control, security and privacy they require, and
> enables closely-knit groups to collaborate on a broad range of
> activities within secure, shared virtual spaces, in real-time, or at
> different times.
> For individuals, Groove enables direct person-to-person multimedia
> communications related to projects, meetings, events, and
> relationships. For businesses, Groove's peer-to-peer and peer-to-Web
> solutions provide secure, online working relationships with key
> customers and partners, enabling individuals to respond in real time
> to critical incidents and opportunities, and reduce time-to-decision
> and time-to-resolution.
> "We've developed Groove with one core purpose in mind: to strengthen
> the online connections among people who need to interact closely with
> one another - across all boundaries such as time, place, or
> organizational affiliation," said Ray Ozzie, CEO of Groove Networks.
> "Groove is a powerful peer computing platform that will dynamically
> bring together the right people, the right information, and the right
> tools, at the right time. Just as the Web browser has become the
> means by which people interact with Web sites, Groove will
> increasingly become the means by which people interact directly with
> one another. Over time, we believe that most everyone who uses a PC
> or network appliance to communicate over the Net will have three
> primary tools: email, a browser, and Groove."
> "Web computing defined the second half of the '90s; peer-to-peer
> computing will be a significant paradigm of the first half of this
> decade, and I look forward to working with Groove Networks to make it
> happen," said Andrew Grove, chairman of Intel Corporation
> "We're entering a new phase in the Internet. We need a new breed of
> software that goes beyond Web browsing to use the full power of the
> personal computer and ubiquitous Internet communications," said Bill
> Gates, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect. "Ray has a
> history of building breakthrough applications. With Groove, he and
> his team have built a deep and innovative application that is a great
> example of where the Internet is going."
> Groove's unique product features and architecture provide direct
> benefits to three distinct groups:
> Businesses
> Groove is a secure peer computing application platform that augments
> Web-based business systems, extending their reach to relevant groups
> of employees, partners, and customers that need to work closely with
> one another. When integrated with transaction, customer service,
> sales force automation, knowledge management, or any other
> centralized business system, Groove adds a "person-to-person
> interaction layer" that extends far beyond what's possible with
> today's Web technologies.
> Because Groove fully supports standard data formats, protocols, APIs,
> and development languages, businesses can easily integrate Groove
> with their existing applications and systems. The company's Alliances
> team already is working with systems integrators and third-party
> developers who are taking advantage of the product's open and
> extensible architecture to create customized peer-to-peer and hybrid
> solutions. Groove Networks and its partners are focusing on solutions
> for customer and partner relationship management, collaborative
> commerce, and other areas where improved personal interaction leads
> directly to increased speed and agility for the organization.
> "We are excited to be working with Groove Networks in exploring how
> its business solution platform will assist us in expanding and
> enhancing the community experience we're seeking to create at
>," said Jeanne Jackson, CEO of "In the
> short-term, we're obviously focused on ensuring the success of our
> soon-to-be launched site for the holiday season. But we are very
> impressed with the easy integration between the Groove platform and
> our existing Web servers. We think this hybrid platform is a powerful
> way for us to extend our brand to new customers, and strengthen our
> bonds with existing customers."
> "We are piloting the base Groove product and multiple toolsets from
> Groove Networks, and are favorably impressed," said Leticia Vargas,
> an information technology project manager for Abbott Laboratories.
> "This model for small group interaction both within and beyond our
> firewall will assist in helping us achieve our overall goals of
> improving quality business communications and reducing time to market
> for health care products that we develop, manufacture and market for
> the treatment of some of the world's most prevalent medical
> conditions, including AIDS, cancer and diabetes."
> Individuals
> Groove provides individuals a broad range of tools for instant group
> communications and interaction. Simple tools enable sharing of files,
> lists, messages, calendars, Web bookmarks, photos, and other media.
> More advanced, solution-oriented tool sets will help individuals
> collaborate on joint projects, orchestrate remote meetings and
> presentations, plan family events, share photo albums, or play
> interactive games.
> All content that is entered into a Groove shared space is stored
> within, and automatically synchronized between individuals'
> computers, giving users complete control over their content,
> regardless of whether they're connected to the Internet. Moreover,
> Groove fully encrypts all content, both on the users' PCs and across
> the network, ensuring confidentiality of all communications.
> "The conversations we create with email are a mess," said Jon Udell,
> an industry observer and author of O'Reilly and Associates' Practical
> Internet Groupware. "Discussion forums and document archives can help
> preserve the contexts in which we collaborate, but they require
> full-time Internet access, or corporate IT support, or both. What's
> exciting about Groove is the way it empowers users to create - for
> themselves -- the dynamic groups, coherent sets of messages and
> documents, and secure shared spaces that they need to do their work."
> Developers and Integrators
> Groove Networks also announced today the availability of a free
> Groove development kit (GDK) that allows developers to leverage
> Groove's platform services. Utilizing the GDK, corporate developers,
> systems integrators, independent software developers, and Web
> developers can integrate Groove with existing business systems, or
> create entirely new peer-to-peer and peer-to-Web solutions [see
> related release].
> Pricing, Availability & System Requirements
> The Preview Edition of Groove is free and available now from
> Pricing for customized business solutions is
> available upon request from Groove Networks and its partners. The
> Preview Edition of Groove requires Windows Me, 95, 98, NT 4.0 or
> 2000, and an Intel-compatible personal computer with a minimum 64 MB
> of memory, 233 MHz Pentium processor, 56K modem (or a faster Internet
> connection) and Internet Explorer 4 or higher. A Linux version of
> Groove is in development.
> About Groove Networks
> Groove Networks Inc. is privately held and headquartered in Beverly,
> Mass. Since its founding in October 1997, the company has obtained
> more than $60 million in financing from Accel Partners, Intel
> Capital, and private investors. For more information about Groove
> Networks, visit For more information
> about career opportunities, visit
> ###
> Groove Networks and Groove are trademarks of Groove Networks Inc. All
> other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.
> Editors' Note: A rebroadcast of the full press conference will be
> available for viewing beginning at noon Eastern Time on Wednesday,
> October 25, at
> Contacts: Richard Eckel
> Groove Networks
> (978) 720-2260
> Kristen Fahey
> The Weber Group
> (617) 520-7022

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