SOAP patented?

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From: Justin Mason (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 06:10:26 PDT

This looks very SOAPy to me... there's a sample "embodiment" using ISAPI,
but I don't think that's necessarily part of the patented invention.

IMHO SOAP apps that require the client to hold any request state -- which
is after all, quite a sensible way to do things in many cases -- look like
they might be infringing.

Seems odd nobody's mentioned it before tho' -- is this old bits? Does MS
hand out licenses for this patent freely when you download a .NET SDK? ;)


     Allard; James E. , Seattle, WA
     Fernandes; Vincent , Redmond, WA
     Geiger; Kyle W. , Redmond, WA
     Pollack; Seth B. , Seattle, WA
     Royal; Chad W. , Redmond, WA
     Stutz; David S. , Redmond, WA

     Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
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  Issued/Filed Dates:
     Nov. 23, 1999 / Nov. 27, 1996

     A method and system for invoking by a client computer system of a
     function of an object of an object class provided by a server computer
     system. The client sends a request to a server that comprises a
     Universal Resource Locator ("URL") that identifies a script, an object
     class, and a function of the object class to invoke. In response to
     receiving the request, the server starts the script and transfers
     control to the script. The script instantiates an object of the object
     class identified in the URL of the received request and invokes the
     function identified in the URL of the received request. The invoked
     function performs the behavior of the function, creates a response to
     be sent to the client, and sends the response to the client. The
     response contains state information describing a state of the object
     after the behavior of the function is performed. When the client
     subsequently sends a request to invoke a function of the object class,
     the state information is included in the request so that the function
     can perform its behavior based on the state information.

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