Re: What is Possum Stew?

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Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 10:18:50 PDT

In a message dated 10/24/2000 12:11:59 PM, writes:

>Without getting into whether or not Microsoft
>has behaved in such a fashion as to minimize your choices, to date
>government oversight has had remarkably little impact on Microsoft's
>behavior in this regard.

wellllllllll. duh. The case is still on appeal. There WAS a consent decree
earlier, which MSFT (in the gov't's opinion) played fast and loose with,
which is one reason the Feds rolled out heavier artillery. You might consider
the first case to have been a shot across the bow, and the second one aimed
right at the waterline.

Iif the government wins on appeal, then Microsoft will be broken up. That
would be an impact of some magnitude.

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