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From: Lorin Rivers (lrivers@realsoftware.com)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 14:47:48 PDT

>Date: 26 Oct 2000 21:12:46 -0000
>From: "Wes Boyd, MoveOn.Org"
>To: "Lorin Rivers" <lrivers@austin.rr.com>
>Subject: Nader ushers in Bush presidency
>Dear Friend of MoveOn,
>It now looks like Nader will cost Gore the presidency. In key swing
>states -- Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Maine, New Mexico -- Nader
>has garnered enough support to throw the electoral votes to Bush.
>And those votes could very likely make the difference. Even in key
>battleground states where Nader support is thin, like Florida,
>Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania, he could take enough votes from
>Gore to swing the electoral votes to Bush. Latest polls even show
>Gore at risk of losing California with Nader pulling away 6% of the
>vote. With the election tightening in every state of the union, no
>state is safe.
>We've been flooded by emails asking what we can do. The Nader camp
>is deeply divided over whether they should endorse Gore -- at least
>in swing states. Many say they never got into the race to play the
>spoiler. What was positioned as a safe protest vote has now become
>a kind of kamikaze vote. The specter of a Bush presidency looms
>Let Ralph Nader hear your feelings. His contact information:
> campaign@votenader.org
> fax: 202-265-0183
> phone: 202-265-4000
>Nader has a lot of power in this situation? What should he do?
>Please carbon copy us on your email to Ralph Nader at
>naderletters@moveon.org. We want to know what you think.
>As a sample, we've attached below an open letter that has been
>floating around the net. However, a personalized message is always
>- Wes Boyd
> MoveOn.org
>P.S. Here's are some of the latest state level poll results, so you
>can see how close it is in these key races:
> Gore Bush Nader Undecided Source
>Washington 45% 43% 5% 7% 10/16 American Research Group
>Oregon 40% 44% 7% 9% 10/12 KPAM-Radio
>Minnesota 41% 44% 8% 6% 10/18 Minneapolis Star Tribune
>New Mexico 42% 42% 5% 10% 9/28 NM State Univ.
>Michigan 43% 43% 4% 9% 10/19 EPIC/MRA Poll
>Florida 43% 44% 3% 9% 10/18 John McLaughlin and Assoc
>Nevada 44% 43% 3% 9% 9/21 Public Opinion Strategies
>Pennsylvania 43% 45% 3% 9% 10/19 Public Opinion Strategies
>[Please sign this email with your own name and send it to Ralph
>Nader at campaign@votenader.org. Then forward it to every person
>in your email address book, to the newspapers and broadcasters in
>your area, and anyone else you can think of. With the race so close
>and such a short time until the election, it's time for action.]
>Dear Mr. Nader:
>Over the years you have done a great deal for the American people.
>Now you are about to do great harm. Your candidacy in this election
>has been important. You have raised serious issues that need to be
>addressed. But now your message is out and itís time to set aside
>ideology and step aside. If you donít you will ensure that George W.
>Bush is our next president. And if he is elected with a Republican
>majority in Congress, the American people stand to lose most of the
>social, economic and environmental progress we have made in the last
>thirty years. If there is any question in your mind of this,
>consider the following:
>Bush will appoint activist conservative judges who will actively
>seek to take away a womanís right to choose.
>They will also support the corporate interests you have been so
>gallantly fighting against by promoting "tort reform" which, as you
>know, is another way to disempower the average citizen and take away
>his or her right to sue corporations who damage them or cause death.
>And the Bush Supreme Court will be anti-environment and side with
>the exploiters and polluters who so willingly sacrifice the public
>health and safety on the alter of short term profit.
>While Gore intends to use the surplus to pay down the deficit, Bush
>plans to refund a large part of it to the wealthy. He says itís
>their money and they should get it back. Well, itís their deficit
>as well and they should help pay it off.
>At this time the nation is almost five trillion six hundred billion
>dollars in the red. Thatís $5,600,000,000,000. Over the past ten
>years we have paid over three trillion dollars in interest. This
>year we will pay an estimated three hundred and sixty-two billion
>dollars in interest. Thatís $362,000,000,000, Mr. Nader. About
>$1,400 for every man woman and child in this country. Do you have
>any idea what that amount of money could do for the environment and
>health care and education if it was not being wasted on interest?
>Next year we will pay even more. And the years after that still
>more. And instead of paying down the deficit it will grow larger.
>Why? So Bill Gates and Paul Allen and all the other
>multimillionaires can have their much needed tax brakes. And if
>Bush is elected and then inheritance tax is eliminated, the middle
>class will be asked to make up the hundreds of billions of dollars
>in those lost revenues as well.
>As governor of Texas Bush has put the polluters in charge of the
>state's environmental program with the result that Texas is now an
>environmental disaster. Although he doesnít dare articulate it
>during the campaign, the Republican agenda includes doing away with
>the Environmental Protection Agency. If itís not eliminated
>completely it will be emasculated to the point where it exists in
>name only.
>And in service of his major contributors, the Oil and Coal
>conglomerates, Bush and the Republicans will encourage oil
>exploration in environmentally sensitive areas and the burning of
>fossil fuels to produce electricity etc. If you think global
>warming is bad now, just give a Bush administration a few years to
>pay of its debt to these special interests.
>And whether you want to admit it or not, Mr. Nader, Al Gore has been
>one of the strongest advocates for environmental protection. He
>recognized the danger of global warming before most people had heard
>the term. And he almost single handedly, and against the advice of
>all his political advisors, saved the Kyoto Accords. But a rabid
>Republican Congress has blocked their implementation along with
>almost every other environmental effort put forth by the Clinton
>Administration. Youíre correct. Clinton/Gore havenít got a lot
>done. But if youíd been president these past eight years, neither
>would you.
>You warn us of the growing power and influence of the corporations
>on our lives and our democracy yet you threaten to help defeat the
>only candidate with any chance of doing the one thing that will help
>solve this problem. You know Bush and the Republicans will not
>support Campaign Finance Reform. But Gore has promised that he will
>work with John McCain in his mission to bring about the reform we
>need. Why on earth would you actively work to keep this from
>You know Bush plans to divert hundreds of billions of dollars to
>Wall Street. It seems like a great scheme while the market is going
>up as it has been for the past several years. But what goes up also
>comes down. While this risky scheme may put a few billion in the
>pockets of the brokers and underwriters, it will turn Social
>Security into Social Insecurity and endanger the retirement of many
>people who unfortunately donít have as much money as you do.
>Mr. Nader, you have stated publicly that you would rather see Bush
>win than Gore. You seem to believe that Bush will make things so
>bad that the country will rise up. This reminds me of the days when
>doctors bled patients in order to cure them. The problem was the
>patients often died from the treatment rather than the disease.
>As someone who agrees with you on so many things and would love to
>see you continue your campaign to educate and enlighten us about the
>things for which you care so much, I ask you to do the right thing.
>The election is too close and now is the time for you to throw your
>support behind Gore. If you help Bush win you will have single
>handedly done more damage than any well meaning person could
>possible conceive of. Please donít let this happen.
>This is a message from MoveOn.org.
>If you wish to remove yourself from this list, please visit
>our subscription management page at
> Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee


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