[Salon.com] someone doesn't like the Eudora MoodWatch feature I find funny

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From: John Roberts (jbr@pencoyd.com)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 12:47:25 PDT

Newsflash: computers aren't as good at language comprehension as humans.

When computers try -- because humans told them to -- you can laugh
(as I do) or you can get annoyed. This author decided to get annoyed:

(thanks to Tomalak's Realm for the find)
Salon: How stupid can an e-mail program be?
The feature bears some graphic resemblance to a slot machine, with iconic
drawings of vegetables instead of fruit. A new column appears in all e-mail
logs alerting the user to "the level of offensiveness" of messages by the
appearance of "one, two, or three red chili peppers."

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