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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 13:55:52 PDT

Insomuch that it seems to deliver a goods to a need yes it has a
potential. Japan has shown that to ignore this is to ignore the revenu

Which leaves me to wonder why i this round of thought not looking more
serioulsy at the land of the walking paying zombiesgeeks who sport these
type devices more readily than hello kitty back packs.

as for TCO and revenue streams I would say that in the short term, after
the hump of dev is crossed and payed for, these devices would catch on.
More to the point they would spawn more of the same and thereafter a call
for consilidation. Chucks will need to be melted into ...wait for it.. a
pda like device that can handle versitilty of services.

Palms and visors on the bottom end level could and should be going for
sub 100 ranges. The 1 meger abbes should be perfect for this task . Beign
that they have a interface ont he bottom of each of them thats an open
call for a slip on pager/wireless grabber. If the cost for making modo was
slight then the addon for a palm/viso should be slighter (minus the actual

Visor is moving much deeper intot eh thrid party addon field but i had an
early palm snap n modem that was tres cool.

Bottom line here is I defintely see your point, but i think for a comapny
to last pasts its trendfactorwowness they should work towards solutions
that intergrate rather than deviciate thier clients existing

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