The Two Party systemlayeth the smack down on Nader

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 08:09:35 PDT

The whole anti nader thing sounds a lot like the GORe front looking for a
scape goat on why they are about to loose. It sends the wrong message at a
time when swing votes can make or break things. Actualy it sends just the
sort of message I knew Gore would eventualy have to make. the golden child
is now showing the true color of his nature. Well he already has but now
even more people are realising he has no clothes on.

For Gore to ask NAder to step aside is a slap in the face at all the
people who are behind Nader, who are working to carry the message forth
that the Two Party No Choice system is not going to cut it anymore.

True to what I was saying earilier about the Sports Team Mentality many
Gore supporters are sounding more and more like Mets fans. The Excuses are
running fast and furious why they are not the beig seen as the only
"corect" choice , why they might be slumping in the polls and the general
lack of national mandate for the person they are pushing as lead
cheerleader fo the country.

Hey Gore supporters, get a fucking clue. The reason why there is a NADER
camp is becuase these folks dont feel they can belong to your party with
a clear conscience. Your party and the Republican party disgust them, make
them want desperatley to revive the Jeffersonian concept of being able to
have the citizens change the goverment if it should fail to represent

In the last two elections the winner was not someone who carried the
majoirty but in fact was some one who could not gatrher a mandated
majority. Clinton had only 43 and 49 percent of the votes in the last two
elections. If it were not for the fudge factoring known as the Electoral
College we would have had to do another run off to get a clear winner.

So now Gores feeligns are hurt, is he going to come on tv and thru a
temper tantrum "Im supposed to be president, my daddy said I would and you
HAVE to vote for me!!"

Nader supporters, keep your standards up and make your vote count. Dont
let one party or the other tell you what you HAVE to do. The two party
wonks think they own your vote. Now that there is a real threat of a third
party vote taking away from thier fun they want to stop it. They have
already made it financialy diffcult for a third party to grow, have
excluded them from debates and forums and now seem to be seeking to do
away with any third parties all togther.

Let Gush Bore know your Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

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