Re: you forgot the patriotic orchestral soundtrack

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Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 09:20:23 PDT

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, B.K. DeLong wrote:
> Good luck, Mr. Nader. I hope you beat out both Gore and Bush in the
> upcoming election. I have faith that if people truly vote with their hearts
> that the only person they can vote for is you.

Actually, my heart is a lump of misshapen iron surrounded with coal and
bound with steel bands. Nader never really had a chance there.

I'd love to see a Nader upset, but only for the sake of seeing an
upset. Perot would have rocked, same reason. For some reason I imagine
if Nader wins he'll be interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund while grimacing
and pointing at the camera a lot.

Sorry, I don't have any patriotic marches to trumpet today. Check with
Yangkun, he'll prolly have something nice and conservative in the can


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