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From: Damien Morton (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 11:10:16 PDT

I got mine yesterday. For the list price. It will make a fine DVD player. It
also has a huge expansion bay - large enough for several hard disks if one
was so inclined.

I bought a couple of games for it - they were fairly disapointing, with
seemingly huge budgets put into the CG video and not too much put into
gameplay. Your right about it comparing to PC output, although youre
comparing a $2000 top of the line gaming machine with a $300 console and DVD

Nothing really compares to UT/TacOps for a visceral experience these days.

> From: Adam L. Beberg []
> Playstation 2's are going for ~1500 on Ebay. Nowhere to be found.
> Since my roomie reviews games and things, I can say one and
> only one of the
> 26 launch titles looks better then something on a Sega (which goes for
> 1/10th the ebay cost, 1/2 the list price). But that just
> means it looks as
> good as my graphics card in my PC. *yawn*
> Bow before the gods of marketing and hype.
> - Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg -
> CTO, Mithral Communications & Design Inc.
> Home of the Cosm Project

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