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From: cnti@xacd.com.cn
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 06:42:58 PPET

Dear Sir:
We are a specialize manufacturer of titanium bicycle's components and parts.
Please you visit our webite,our company information is following:
Address:5th Floor,Block B,33# GaoXin Road,Xi'an Shaanxi China
Our URL:http://www.xacd.com.cn

Our products include:titanium frame(MTB frame,Road frame,Cylcross frame,triathlon frame,BMX frame),titanium stem,titanium seat post,titanium handlebar,titanium bar ends,titanium bottom bracket axle,titanium bottom bracket set,titanium disk brake,titanium pedal axle,titanium frame parts(B.B.Shell,rear dropout set,brake boss,cable stops,cable stop double,cable stop triple,)titanium tubing,titanium bars,titanium bolts,titanium spring,titanium saddle rail,titanium plate,titanium wire,etc.The material is Ti3Al2.5V.
Our products quality is very good.You will think so if you see our products.If our products have any quality problem,we will compensate you 150% payment and provide new goods to you.Please you peace of mind.Our trust is very good!
Our prices list are following:
We had made some new products.Please you tell us if you are interest in them.They are following:
 1).titanium brake studs (FOB XI'AN USD2.20/pcs)
 2).titanium spring(high=105mm)(FOB XI'AN USD25.00/pcs) <used for suspension mountain bikes>
 3).titanium brake stiffener:FOB XI'AN USD13.00/pcs
 4).titanium autocar wheel bolts:FOB XI'AN USD4.90/pcs(used for Honda and Toyota and Fords
    and Nissan,Audi,Benz,Peugeot,etc.)
 5).titanium mufflers outer casing and core of racing motor:FOB XI'AN 27.00/pcs(used for
    Honda and Yamaha)
   titanium mufflers core of racing motor:FOB XI'AN 46.00/pcs(used for Honda and Yamaha)
 6).titanium autocar brand:FOB XI'AN USD13.00/pcs (Honda,Toyota,Fords,Nissan,Audi,Benz,
 7).titanium pedal axle: Shimano 2000'style FOB XI'AN USD17.20/pair

About titanium disk brake,we mainly manufacture it by titanium material.
Disk Brake (FOB XI'AN price)
Size: 140(USD18.90/PCS). 151(USD19.50/PCS). 160(USD19.90/PCS).
        165(USD20.50/PCS). 171(USD21.00/PCS). 185(USD23.70/PCS).
        203(USD27.80/PCS). 220(USD37.80/PCS)
Thickness:1.8mm or 1.85mm or 2.0mm or 2.2mm
A.Titanium frame(MTB frame,Road frame,Cylcross frame,Triathlon frame)
1.MTB Frame: FOB XI'AN USD285.00/set

2.Road Frame: FOB XI'AN USD350.00/set

3.Cylcross frame: FOB XI'AN USD285.00/set

4.Triathlon frame: FOB XI'AN USD350.00/set
5.BMX frame:FOB XI'AN USD350.00/set

B.Titanium stem:FOB XI'AN USD25.20/pcs

C.Titanium handlebars:FOB XI'AN USD13.30/pcs
  1)P.G.H/BAR (3 degree or 5 degree)
   Size: 22.2x0.9x555mm

  2)Double Butted Handlebar:FOB XIAN USD21.50/pcs(3 degree or 5 degree)

  3)D.H.H/BAR(1.5" <38mm> rise with 9 degree back sweep by 5 degree up sweep)
   22.2x1.6x675mm FOB XI'AN USD29.20/pcs (MTB Downhill Bar)
D.Titanium bar ends:FOB XI'AN USD15.00/pair
  1.Welding mode
  2.Bend mode
  3.Triathlon bar end

E.Titanium seat post:FOB XI'AN USD35.00/pcs

F.Titanium bottom braket axle:FOB XI'AN USD10.00/pcs
G.Titanium pedal axle for Shimano FOB XI'AN USD17.20/pair

H.Bottom bracket set FOB XIAN USD29.60/set

I.The parts of titanium frame:rear dropout set, bottom bracket shell, bottom bracket set,
  pedal axle, brake boss, cable stops, cable stop double, cable stop triple, etc.
  rear dropout set(FOB XIAN USD17.50/pair).
bottom bracket shell(FOB XIAN USD13.00/pcs).
brake boss(FOB XIAN USD4.90/pair).
cable stops(FOB XIAN USD1.02/pcs).
cable stop double(FOB XIAN USD2.30/pcs).
cable stop triple(FOB XIAN USD3.50/pcs).

J.Aluminium alloy frame: FOB XI'AN USD26.50/set
  MTB frame and Road frame and BMX frame

K.Another,we are selling raw titanium material and titanium bolts at now.The price is very cheaply! Because we just turn down the prices.

1.The titanium bolts are following:
cantilever bolts M6x18 USD1.04/pcs
shifter body to brake lever M5x13.7 USD0.93/pcs
brake lever to H/Bar bolts M6x20 USD1.03/pcs
inner chain ring bolts(kit) M8x21.5 USD1.21/pcs
front derailleur to seat tube M5x19.5 USD1.01/pcs
pulley wheel bolts M5x14.8 USD0.97/pcs
cantilever eye bolts M6x30 USD1.34/pcs
crank bolts M8x24 USD1.09/pcs
outer chain ring bolts(kit) M8x4.5 USD0.82/pcs
rear derailleur cable clamp bolt M5x12 USD0.95/pcs
front derailleur cable clamp M5x13.5 USD0.81/pcs
rear derailleur pivot bolts M10x34 USD2.02/pcs
rear derailleur cable clamp nut M5x9.5 USD0.73/pcs
outer chain ring kit M8x10 USD0.71/pcs
These titanium bolts fit Shimano XTR and XT system.
Of course,we also can manufacture all kinds of titanium bolts according to your drawing and request.

2.The raw meterial are following:
Raw material:
A.Titanium bar(Surface:polish):

a.unalloyed titanium bar(ASTM Grade 2)

diameter:2mm to 200mm length:300mm to 3000mm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD19.00/KG

b.Titanium alloy bar:

designation:ASTM Grade5(Ti6AL-4V),ASTM Grade9(Ti3Al-2.5V).

diameter:2mm to 200mm length:300mm to 3000mm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD36.50/KG

B.Titanium tubing(100% seamless):

a.unalloyed titanium tubing(ASTM Grade 2):

diameter:3mm to 110mm length:500mm to 6000mm

wall thickness:0.75mm to 4.5mm

unit price:XI'AN USD39.00/KG

b.Titanium alloy tubing(ASTM Grade 9:Ti3Al-2.5V)

diameter:3mm to 110mm length:500mm to 6000mm

wall thickness:0.75mm to 4.5mm

unit price:XI'AN USD59.60/kg

C.Titanium strip(unalloyed titanium ASTM grade 2):

Thickness:0.03mm to 0.80mm width:50mm to 400mm

length:500mm to 1000mm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD34.70/KG

D.Titanium wire:

a.unalloyed titanium wire(Grade 2):

diameter:0.1mm to 6.0mm unit price:FOB XI'AN USD42.50/KG

b.Titanium alloy wire(Grade 9:Ti3Al-2.5V,Grade5:Ti6Al-4V)

diameter:0.1mm to 6.0mm unit price:FOB XI'AN USD68.90/KG

E.Titanium plate:

a. unalloyed titanium plate(ASTM Grade 2):

thickness:0.3mm to 30mm

width:400mm to 1000mm length:1000mm to 3000mm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD24.40/KG

b.Titanium alloy plate(ASTM Grade5:Ti6Al-4V):

thickness:0.3mm to 30mm

width:400mm to 1000mm length:1000mm to 3000mm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD27.90/KG

L.Titanium suitcases:

Material:unalloyed titanium

length:43cm width:36cm high:11.50cm

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD189.00(inside liner:cloth)

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD210.00(inside liner:mimic dermis)

unit price:FOB XI'AN USD229.00(inside liner:dermis)

Another,we also can manufacture orther titanium products:Poles, suitcases, foils, Ti-ingots, bars, tubing, sheets, plates, strips, castings, wire , micro-porous titanium filter, titanium die,etc.


If you need them,please you free feel contact us.
Best Regards!
                                            XI'AN CHANGDA TITANIUM BICYCLE CO.,LTD.

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