Re: [NYT] Internet Incinerators

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From: Mike Masnick (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 14:25:00 PPET

At 11:00 AM 10/30/00 -0800, Rohit Khare wrote:
>>"There is a method to our madness," Mr. Wetherell said. "There
>>aren't a lot of incubators with $1.5 billion in revenue."
>Nor with so many billions in losses... but at least I'd like to think
>David isn't so stupid as to flush Scout Electromedia...!
>Incubator, Stinkubator, as Adam sez...

URL for whoever wants it:

Not that I'd put any weight behind it, but I've also been told by someone
who might be in a position to know (after a few drinks - which could make
it either more or less truthful) that Chase was more responsible for
killing Scout, and that Idealab isn't really to blame. Of course, there
are enough reasons to trash Idealab already, that throwing one more on the
list doesn't make that big a difference.


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