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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 15:13:14 PPET

XBox, PS2, and something cool.
Also, a developer's review found that while
ps2 has stunning parallel graphics capabilities, most
launch titles have had difficulty accessing these features
because of no-standard development kits, no experience with
the hardware and programming styles, and raw polygon pushing
doesn't take into account AI co-processing. [1] N-Cube and
Dreamcast also announce intent to collaborate. [2]



> Sega and Nintendo Form Joint
> Company?
> And you're not going to believe who's
> joining in on the fun.
> October 29, 2000
> According to the Online version of Japan's
> Asahi newspaper, Sega and Nintendo are
> teaming up to form a joint company.
> The story at Asahi first describes Sega's
> recently announced losses, stating that Sega
> revealed to investors in September that its
> results for the half-year ending September 30th would be less than expected.
> And that's what happened, with the company announcing a loss of 29.2
> billion yen today, down from an expected profit of 600 million yen. Poor
> Dreamcast performance was stated as the cause for the loss. Now, for the
> full year period ending March 2001, the company expects a loss of 22.1
> billion yen, down from an expected profit of 1.5 billion yen. This will be the
> fourth yearly loss in a row for the company.
> You can read all about Sega's losses in our other headlines today, but this is
> where the story becomes a bit odd.
> Sega has stated that it's not basing its future exclusively on Dreamcast --
> even though it is planning to continue to support the console. As expected,
> the company is looking to reinforce the network gaming side of its business.
> In order to achieve this latter goal, Asahi states that Sega will be forming
> joint companies with, respectively, Nintendo and famed Japanese music
> producer Tetsuya Komuro.
> If you're not familiar with Komuro's work, then you probably aren't familiar
> with Japanese music at all. Komuro has helped to develop such names as
> Namie Amuro, Ami Suzuki, and Globe, and has had his music featured in US
> film flop Speed 2.
> We're not sure what to make of this peculiar announcement. Unfortunately,
> the Japanese source gives no further details on what these joint ventures will
> amount to, and how Komuro plays a role in things. The Tetsuyo Komuro
> thing is real cool if you're a fan of his work (and really - he's quite the
> musical genius), but perhaps of more relevance to game fans is being able to
> see Sega and Nintendo mentioned in the same sentence alongside the words
> "Jointly owned company."
> We'll have more on this story soon.
> -- Anoop Gantayat, Contributor

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