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Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 07:03:04 PPET


Actually, the deadline was last Friday ( I think the CT. law was "10 days
before the election). And the Gov of CT is a Repub., so, the deal is Joe
isn't all that sure of Al's chances, so he keeps his name on the ballot in
CT, denying the Dem. Attny Genrl the opportunity to run. On the "Good for
the Dems" side, the Repub. challenger is still trailing Holy Joe in the
polls, so, if Gore/Lieb lose, it looks like he'll still have a job. But, if
they win, the Gov. will appoint a Repub to his Senate seat. Then there's my
fantasy....Bush/Cheney take the election in a landslide, Lieberman loses
his Senate bid as well, and slinks off into obscurity, GOP retains control
of both houses. 1956, here we come!!! ;-D


              From: Tom Whore <>
                     10/30/00 04:37 PM
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              Subject: Hedging bets

Lieberman is still on the ballot for his old job. Deadline to get off and
be a real VP canidate is soon. Letting it go down to the last minuet is
interesting. He doesnt have to pull out of the race back home, he can be
ellected. If he gets the VP postion the govenor of his state can pick the
replacement, think is his gov is republican, thus letting a seat go to the
other side of the gush/bore camps. If he doesnt get into VP officetude
then he might still be going for it from the floor, but in the process
letting a repub VP into office.

Interesting foot drag.

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