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From: Dave Long (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 10:48:14 PPET

> Well, Wayne, you're disagreeing but that wasn't my point. My point was that
> the majority of our dulyelectredrepresentatives have taken that position for
> something like 70 years, and it is anexample of Congress deciding that
> tax-neutrality is subordinate to some other good, however amporhous or, if
> you are correct, specious the thinking.

I've started reading some of the revolutionary material, and it's
interesting because it isn't *that* unified. There's probably a
defensible case that many of our duly elected representatives have
taken such a position for well on 220 years.

Between Jefferson and Hamilton one can find many of the arguments
that've been FoRKed lately; I guess we should be grateful that all
involved showed enough civility to overcome various differences and
at least leave us this place.


The Declaration of Independence avoids Locke's formulation of
"life, liberty, and property" preferring instead "life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness":
Was any debate on the wording recorded?

and from much later, Abraham Lincoln: [s/democracy/Democrats/]
> The democracy of to-day hold the liberty of one man to be
> absolutely nothing, when in conflict with another man's
> right of property. Republicans, on the contrary, are for
> both the man and the dollar; but in cases of conflict,
> the man before the dollar.
> I remember once being much amused at seeing two partially
> intoxicated men engage in a fight with their great-coats
> on, which fight, after a long, and rather harmless contest,
> ended in each having fought himself out of his own coat,
> and into that of the other. If the two leading parties of
> this day are really identical with the two in the days of
> Jefferson and Adams, they have perfomed the same feat as
> the two drunken men.
> But soberly, it is now no child's play to save the
> principles of Jefferson from total overthrow in this
> nation.

(Was Lincoln a Chan fan? Amusingly enough, the parties
seem to have swapped coats again)

... ... ... ...

chuck D, meet Tom Paine:

If You Dont Own The Master America is only a secondary object
Then The Master Own You in the system of British politics-
Who Do You Trust From Swindlers Lust England consults the good of this
From The Back Of The Bus country, no farther than it answers
Neither One Of Us Control her own purpose. Wherefore, her own
The Fate Of Our Soul interest leads her to suppress the
And Swindlers Lust growth of ours in every case which
They Dont Care About Me doth not promote her advantage, or
They Dont Care About You in the least interfere with it. A
They Dont Care About You And Ya Crew pretty state we should soon be in
Ya Family Neighborhood And Plus under such a second-hand government,
They Dont Give A Damn About Us considering what has happened!

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