Re: New Climate Scares Are Politics As Usual

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From: Sophie Maddox (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 19:40:24 PPET

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Very interesting. The only thing is, we DO have a global problem.
You can put down Gore for latching on to whatever and Bush isn't
flying a kite high enough. You have to taken two issues and put them
into one.
This election isn't going to be won on who says they will or won't
clean up the environment. I am not going to get into a long debate on
whether or not there is proof of global warming. Everyone admits the
earth goes through climate changes, we have proof of that. What we
don't know at the moment is what the percentage of damage we have
done to the percentage of the normal progression of the earth. Given
a chance the earth will heal itself where it can, not given a chance
it will continue to change and it seems not for the good.

Have you read the papers today. The south of England is under water
with flooding and violent storms. Europe has been battered with
terrible weather. An Italian tanker broke up Monday in the English it
was carrying 6,000 tones of chemicals, including 4,000 tones of
styrene, a hydrocarbon used for making synthetic plastics. This is
the second major pollution spill just under a year after the Erika
tanker sank off western France washing thousands of tones of heavy
fuel onto the coast with disastrous effects for the local tourism and
fishing industries. This isn't effecting our environment? I don't
think you would like that dumped in your swimming hole or eat the
that are caught out of it, if they survive.

To say the economy or economies aren't going to be effect by the
climate changes is absurd. Of course it will. Scaremongers, they
aren't scary enough. No Yang I am not Nadar person, nor a zealot on
the environment. I do what most are now compelled to do, sort my
garbage. I am person just like you who lives on the planet and where
you don't seem to be, I am concerned what is happening to earth.
Whatever you want to believe, believe. Maybe you won't mind wearing
lead BVD's and all covered up to go for a walk in the sunshine. I

Check out some sites, you might learn something.

<<The reality of that human nature is fortunate. For despite what the
environmental scaremongers say, the world loses nothing by waiting -
even if global warming proves to be real, which is still much in

you can't really believe that


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