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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 11:45:52 PPET

If you want an interesting, balanced article on the (nearly) current state
of global warming thought, on both sides, and the personalities involved,
here is a good one:

"Greenhouse Wars" - July 19, 1997

And here's a snippet (but do read the whole article) ...

>"The modellers' belief that they can create the future in climate
>simulations are undoubtedly shaken by the constant revisions to the
>models. The problem for the sceptics, however, is that they still lack a
>coherent story about how the atmosphere is working. And whenever they can
>find any uncertainty in the way that the atmosphere works, they tend to
>use this to claim that there will be no problem with greenhouse warming.
>As Shine says of Lindzen: "He always falls back on uncertainty. Sure
>there is uncertainty, but he then claims that all the uncertainty will
>work in his direction. Why should it?" "

Also, I thought it would be interesting to take one claim from the
SupplySideInvestor opinion piece and check it. It's hard to check claims
like "Even Dr. Magoo has changed his mind!" without actually calling Dr.
Magoo and listening to him. But this claim stood out as being easy to

> ... If you read the NYPost two weeks ago, Dick
> Morris wrote a column about how the only way Gore could win on
> November 7 was to scare people about global warming.

And here is *all* of what Dick Morris really wrote there about the

"For his part, Gore's choice of the Bush Texas record is not his strongest
shot. If he were to hit Bush again and again on Medicare and the
environment, he could do real damage.
The Texas record, after all, is in Texas and of little concern to voters
in the other states. "

[ ]

In fact, the whole point of Morris's piece is that Gore is winning (or
was, at the time), even though he's *not* focusing on Medicare or the

"Bush isn't answering. Bush isn't attacking. Gore is gaining. It's that
simple." [same Morris piece]

So I conclude that Jude's claim is untrue.


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