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Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 18:22:44 PPET

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<< [Not sure what to make of this. Your thoughts, GeegE?

LindA, I am very flattered you'd ask for my thoughts and that you were
gratious enough to come to me instead of someone else for them. so much can
get lost in the interpretation. undoubtedly you've heard of my patented
mathematical formulae, described by some as "unfettered" and by others less
talented as "unnatural."

within the dow paradigm you present, what can be said of this pre-election

A. largest % t/d of the population invests in the market
B. largest % t/d of the population who lived through the great depression is
in alzheimeric condition
C. lowest unemployment rate t/d
D. 24-hour access to market analysis and online trading from anywhere -
we're virtually wired to the teeth
E. psychonarcotics: antidepressant overuse makes a candidate like bush seem
like a rational choice. (kidding!) seriously, rampant 'scripting
consequence: analaysts and traders reach a state of nirvana without leaving
their bodies - or even their offices (exept for redherring's dan briody who
could use a little more of the heavy metal, if you know what i mean).
F. baby boomers creep ever closer to retirement and, hopefully, death
G. peactime, baby!
Y. inexplicable provincial mentality


                           (B,C,D,E) = A > (F + G)
= Y
                                             A > (F + G)

geegemath explained:

A is the consequence of the combination of B-E; the sum of F (retirement
planning) and G (likelihood of war) is less than A. The rest should be
obvious, and points conclusively to a BUSH win.

unless, of course, i remove the non-euclidean filters and thus the fuzz
adhering to F and G, increasing their weight and reducing the value of Y to
zero, which clearly spells a GORE victory (in the little known dialect of the
!NT! tribe of borneo, literally).
 The Dow of Elections Theory
 By Daniel Gross
 Special to
 11/1/00 10:09 AM ET
 As the presidential campaign sprints into its final, frenzied week, the
 outcome remains in doubt. The polls are inconclusive. The electoral map
 includes a patchwork of toss-up states. And the prognostications of
 CNN's political pundits are about as insightful and accurate as those
 made by their financial counterparts on CNBC.
 There is, however, one indicator that has been remarkably successful in
 predicting the outcome of presidential elections: the Dow Jones
 Industrial Average. The Dow's performance over the past three months may
 provide a clue as to what may happen next week. After all, the Dow has
 seen more political campaigns than Harold "Kid" Stassen, the
 93-year-old former Minnesota governor who first tried to get the
 Republican nomination for president in 1948, and has run in virtually
 every campaign since.

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