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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 13:48:45 PPET

You may have seen this one floating around. Here I show some appreciation
to my cousin for clueing me in...


Subject: Re: FW: Al Gore's Numbers

Thanks Kevin! Now I know whom to vote for...

On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Kevin Brown wrote:

> Subject: Al Gore's Numbers > > Al Gore is desperately attacking George W. Bush as we approach the end of > the election. > > Given Gore's numbers, his distortions aren't surprising... > > 24 Years Al Gore has worked inside the Washington Beltway > 17 Years Al Gore spent growing up in suite 809 of the Washington D.C. > Ritz Carlton Hotel

Shame on Al for spending his childhood in Washington with his father. Yes, Al Gore is a second-generation politician. George W. Bush is a third-generation politician, but don't worry; he only started in politics a few years ago. I'm glad for G.W. that after decades lost living under his father's shadow, he eventually found something to do.

> ... > 1999 Year Gore said he co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance > bill > 1993 Year Russell Feingold went to the US Senate > 0 Years Gore and Feingold served together in the Senate

Gore mis-spoke; technically he didn't co-sponsor it, but he has been a strong supporter of it [1]. Thank goodness with G.W. we won't have a president who mis-spokes.

> ... > 1975 Year Strategic Petroleum Reserve was established > 2 Years later Gore entered the United States Congress > 1 Claim by Al Gore that he was there when the Strategic > Petroleum Reserve was established

What Gore said was: "I've been a part of the discussions on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve since the days it was first established." Dates: + 1975 - Congress authorizes the Reserve + Jan. 1977 - Gore sworn in + April 1977 - Gov't acquires site for temporary oil storage + June 1977 - Gore grills oil executives in oversight committee + July 1977 - Gore votes to double Reserve capacity + July 1977 - Oil starts arriving at site + June 1978 - Construction starts on surface storage facilities

So depending on what you mean by "established," you could look at the statement from both sides [2]. Again, with G.W. we'll get a president who knows what words mean. No fuzzy words, mangled syllables or subliminable messages [3]. And when it comes to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, you couldn't ask for a better candidate. I'll bet the oil companies agree with me [4]. And listen to his penetrating understanding of oil imports:

"It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas." [3]

>... > 7 Days until the election > 1 Chance to be the difference on November 7

Well said. >... > Paid for by Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc. >

That says it even better. Or "weller", in Bush-speak.


--- References: [1]




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