EETimes: Developers pitch RFID system as bar code replacement

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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 03:24:31 PPET

I guess it's frowned upon to FoRK things that have just featured on
slashdot, but in this case it hooks into a thread we had back in
April/May about exactly the same application. [[
  ...this reminds me of another someday gadget that I'm determined not
 to forget (because I really need it to exist!):

  Long story short. I want a way not only of uniquely IDing all the junk
  (papers, books, CDs, videos etc) lying around home and office, but of
  finding the damn things when I want them. That means putting them down
  anywhere, then asking my local Web where I left them. I know how to do
  the metadata part, that's the easy bit. But the hardware side of it...
]] + various useful followups...

more recently: [[

  PARK RIDGE, Ill. - International Paper Co. and Motorola Inc. are
  ready to roll out a technology that could transform the
  manufacturing supply chain and ultimately eliminate the venerable
  bar code as a means of identifying products.

  The "electronic tag" technology, which will be demonstrated in
  Chicago next week at Pack Expo International 2000, could bring
  automated identification to low-cost, disposable products ranging
 from lipstick boxes to breakfast cereal containers. The technology
 is expected to hit the market at the end of this year

Any Forkers attending Pack Expo International
2000? ( - "PACK EXPO International 2000
will co-locate with the International Exposition for Food Processors
(IEFP)" :-)

Oh nearly forgot, URL for the /. discussions, which focus on the
privacy/paranoia angle.
I did find this c/o slashdot though: a handy 'how stuff works' article
on this technology applied to anti-shoplifting,


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