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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 18:25:34 PPET writes:

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> << writes:
> > within the dow paradigm you present, what can be said of this pre-election
> > period?
> >[...]
> > G. peactime, baby!
> um, what? Peacetime? Even if you don't notice the world war by proxy
> & Iraq war by cholera & starvation, we're still pumping Iraqi soldiers
> full of hot lead once in a while.
> >>
> we're not officially embroiled in a war and bush supporters think it's okay
> to trust our foreign policy to an "advisee in chief" (nod to NYT editorial
> endorsing gore).

Yeah, the Vietnam Peacetime was rosy, too.

Of course, since *our* boys & girls aren't dying, the voters love this
one. But they don't love it because it's peacetime, they love it
because it's a war economy without the American blood (& when 16
sailors get dispensed from the Cole to the sharks - "Hey? What'd we
do? Damn terrorists!").

Of course, you both are right, the voters will think of it as
peacetime, and think of it as a great wartime economy, without
experiencing cognitive dissonance, the same way that Cheney can take
credit for "Desert Storm, the most successful military campaign in
recent history" - what, successful, when we're still spending
thousands of Iraqi citizens to this day? I thought successful wars
ended eventually!

Karl Anderson 

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