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From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 08:56:03 PPET

Sheesh. What I'm wondering is this:

It's (almost) the 21st century. Why is it going to take Oregon longer to
count its votes than it'll take Florida to recount theirs? And with 1/3
the ballots to count? Oregon had a head start with a mail only ballot
for crying out loud. What's the problem here?

I'm sure glad I didn't vote for any of the whiners. 8^)

Tom Whore wrote:
> In the state of OR
> Bush 585,975
> Gore 559,840
> Nader 54.702
> So even with the DNC claming that a vote for nader was a vote for bush,
> that a vote for nader was a vote aginst gays and lesbians, that a vote for
> nader was a vote to kill the planet (all claims made by speakers,
> supporters and several folks of power here in oregon for the dnc) the
> nader vote would not have made Gore.
> Some ponts on naders speach. He rightfully claimed, when asked by a
> reporter ,snidley, how he felt for having lost Al gore the election, that
> it was Al gore who cost him the election. he thenlaughed and said
> something to the manner of " I wasnt in this to help al gore win"
> So to all the gore people in OR and boarder states, after all your
> whinning and all your finger pointing and all your demanding I vote a
> certian way... I voted how i wanted and for who i wanted. Next time anyone
> steps up to tell me how that my vote "has" to be cast for so and so I will
> personaly, and please test me if you think im shitting, lay you out like
> the piece of shit voter fraud making whine infested unconstitutional a
> hole you are.

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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