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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 09:56:45 PPET

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000 wrote:

--]What I want to know is this:
--]Why is Bush so sure that he has won, when the rest of the nation isn't. I
--]got a bad feeling when his publicity guy said "We will prevail." It had a
--]wink-like characteristic which seemed to say to me "Don't worry, we've
--]rigged it all up just fine."

GW is the Kurt Angle of this race. Its true, its true. In his first real
attempt at the offcie he gets just about half the nation to go with him
and as importatly helps the house and senate to stay on his teams side

Gore on the other hand is like that kid who works for years to win a prize
and then has it come much harder than he ever thought. There is a good
amount of "But I am Supposed to be the pres" tude flying around the dem
side of things. IFor gore its as if his life depnded on the outcome in a
way thats not so much a healthy drive to win as a morbid fear of loss.
For Bush itfar from the end of the line, its more like the opening shot
of his presidential efforts.. its an amusing contrast.

In his freshman effort on the pres sceen GW has scored a major hit while
Gore, after multiple attempts, is eeking in, if he does get in, by a
hairswidth margin.

Just like Kurt Angle. In his freshman year in the WWF this one time
Olympic gold medal winner for wrestling has gone from new boy to WWF
champ. It took the Rock and HHH years to get to that point.

Think about this as well. Gore has been living inside the beltways not
only mosto f his childhood but most of his adult life. He has been in
office in some cpacity or another sincethe mid 70's. If he looses this he
is not only out of the office hes out of town.

GW has texas. Soory Bruce Sterling but your only hope of getting rid of
bush in texas may be to go to fla and forge some butterfly ballots.

Whatever the outcome, whomever the winner, there are a few points crystal
clear here.

There is no mandate, there is no wave of nationalism here.
Who ever walks into the office goes in with a large chuck of the nation
dead set against them. Just like Kurt Angle whom the fans love to hate
aned no one in the back will coem help, cpeting maybe edge and christian
but with allies like that who needsa war tribunal council

If gore goes in its also against a house and senate
out of his control, for now. Al best be working the backrooms as of a
month ago if hes going to have any chance at being a memorable pres.
Unless he gets shot.

Then its camelot and circuses all over again.

Meanwhile...pmrc chirtian righ help calling gays abnormal...its got to be
worth something:)-

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