A modest proposal

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From: Bill Humphries (bill@whump.com)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 20:03:17 PPET

Okay, my deep intution says that Bush will eventualy win the Electorial
College vote.

There's a near deadlock in the Senate and House. Ain't going to get jack

I'm suggesting that Bush be bipartisan in a few of his Cabinet-level

Joel Rogers for Sect'y of Labor:
Joel's a progressive, but has proven himself as someone who can work with
Republicans. He's helped develop labor/management job training programs as
part of the W2 (Wisconsin's replacement for the various welfare programs.)
He's smart (and that will give Bush some of the needed streetcred he needs.)

Ralph for AG:
Why not? He did give Bush a bit of a hand there. The mainline Democrats
would howl (and I'd love that.)

Paul Krugman for US Trade Rep:
Krugman's one of the wisest of the Neoclassical econoheads. He's a free
trader, but understands the externalities caused by trade and would look to
figure out ways to compensate the losers.

Tom Campbell for Drug Tzar:
Campbell's not doing anything at the moment (unless he goes back to teaching
Con Law at Santa Clara.)
He deserves something for going against the popular will and voting for
Clinton's impeachment. He believes in things like the 4th Amendment and due
process which the Drug War's forgotten.

Geo. Shultz for UN Ambassador:
He's smart, he's been there. And living in San Francisco's been good for
him. I saw him at the World Affairs Council's State of the World conference
a couple of years ago. He was relaxed and growing his hair out.

-- whump (I mean, would you rather this be settled on WWF Smackdown?)

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