Re: [CNN] Bush 2,909,465; Gore 2,907,722.

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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 18:06:02 PPET

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<< but
 the (Republican) Florida Secretary of State approved it, and it had been
 posted in newspapers and public places for days (weeks?) before the
it was MAILED, but this fact does not refute that mistakes were made. do you
want to elect a president based on 19k mistakes - in one county? or even half
that amount? especially when the candidate doesn't have the popular vote?

my favorite irony of this whole mess is that when the repubs thought they
might have the popular vote but not the electoral, it was all about losing
the electoral college. when the demos thought they had the inverse, they
stood up for the constitution. now they both have to live with their earlier

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