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From: Steve Nordquist (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 14:47:40 PPET

> Wayne> Nope. It's insipient, a real word:

I guess Absapient or something wouldn't have gone over, then....
Until one notes (Oh. Thanks Gordon) that Mel Carnahan (Deceased
1.5 weeks) won a Missouri senator post, and is being stubbed-in
by his wife, who wasn't so much as a registered Democrat until
4 mos. ago, nevermind a candidate.
  No prblarlem! <--a quoted phrase, m-w fans.

Wayne, how's Bush Libertarian again, given his plans for an office
of church-rooted charity outreach, banning constructivist abortions,
and other odd disregards for the (or a) U.S. Constitution? #2 ranking
on the disregard ladder? Of course, it took me 4 tries to guess the
official-looking, content-laden URL I tool as Official.
     Mmmm. Black background. I'm voting for him next time.

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