Re: tin soilders and the DNCs comming

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 20:13:57 PPET

> Historical miscoutns and matter of fact ballot fumblings are being buble
> fromthe other side. I think if this goes on for another week the entire
> elections system will be up on trial:)-.

Too late. It already is. There've been something like 700 legislative
challenges to the electoral system in the last 200 years, to say nothing about
the tactical / mechanical election issues. This is going to force the issue:
legislators (the venerable / crusty Arlen Spector, for one) from both sides of
the aisle are already proposing new amendment legislation. We're on trial,
everywhere it counts: legislature, judiciary, court of public opinion,
international community.

> Regardless, the speaches from the UN are hillarioulsy pointed and the next
> president will have one hell of a time just getting to the white house.

I'm pretty sure that Al knows the way from the Naval Observatory to 1600
Pennsylvania. And even Bush couldn't screw up with AA's schedule of flights
from ABIA to DC. ;-) The more interesting question is, WTF can *either* of
them do once they get there? Say it with me: 4 lame-duck years. We are
going to see the inauguration of the Lame Duck Presidency.

> If
> i had my druthers and I were in that postion I would start the 4 years off
> with a good war, just to get the focus back. Whos around we can open a can
> of whup ass on?

Nobody's beat up on the Seychelles in a while, right? Let's just find a nice
little Banana Republic and go make ourselves feel better.


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