Re: [CNN] Bush 2,909,465; Gore 2,907,722.

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From: Sophie Maddox (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 06:57:37 PPET

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What planet are you on? The writer was talking about senior citizens
who are on fixed incomes. Glasses are expensive. To get the glasses
you need an eye exam which also can be expensive. Maybe $200-300
dollars isn't much to you it can be to someone on a fixed income who
wants to be able to see so they can be self sufficient. So you feel
that laser surgery for cataracts is a no no and shouldn't be picked
by Medicare or Medicaid. Btw have you tried to get insurance lately?
Okay and you feel the "market"(?) should take care of it--you mean
the Dow and Nas should pay for this? Gee I wonder why no one else
thought of that. You may be one of the lucky ones when you retire and
the only thing you have to do is sit in the sun and clip coupons, but
there are millions out here who won't and need help. "Ask not for
whom the bell tolls, it COULD toll for thee"
(modified E. Hemingway)


> So everyone has a right to better vision, and it's the
responsibility /
> burden of everyone to pay for that?
> Come on. Glasses aren't that expensive. And insurance wouldn't be,
> either, if the government could get itself out of that business and
> the market manage things.
> But public funding for laser surgery? No freakin' way.
> jb
> ThosStew@a... wrote:
> > In a message dated 11/9/2000 5:04:24 AM, comet@n... writes:
> >
> > >S/he felt it would
> > >helpful to older voters. I'll buy that.
> >
> > if we had a proper Medicare program, they could get glasses and

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