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From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 22:38:54 PST

> is down!

That's, um, not the best dictionary, not to mention tawdry. If you
really want to know something, there's, which is usually up,
and has no ads.

There are free dict clients (there's an RFC on the protocol) for any
platform you can imagine. The "Apple Data Detectors" in-context
version is quite cool.

Wow, finally a question that I can answer in my formal capacity as a
dictionary critic. I've got both the full American Heritage (for the
proto-Indoeuropean roots) and the Random House online versions, but I
have seen the light and it is dict. kdict or gdict on Linux, in my
case. Both can grab the selection and run with it.

Janie probably has an opinion on this. Janie?


                                The DICT Protocol

               The DICT Protocol, described in RFC 2229 is a TCP
               transaction based query/response protocol that allows a
               client to access dictionary definitions from a set of
               natural language dictionary databases. While RFC 2229
               is a finished document, we plan to clarify and enhance
               the protocol definition as we gain more experience with
               large dictionary database servers. By default, the DICT
               protocol uses TCP port 2628.
               Client/Server Software for DICT

               We write freely available software that implements the
               DICT protocol in a number of client and server
               configurations. For more information on software
               availability, please see the resources page or our
               February 1998 announcement.
               DICF: The Dictionary InterChange Format

               We are developing an interchange format that will
               facilitate writing, sharing, and serving of dictionary
               database information. For more information, please see
               the dict-beta mailing list on the resources page. DICF
               is the next major project after the initial public
               release of the client/server software. DICF and tools
               for manipulating DICF files should be available 4Q1998.

               Update: We didn't make that deadline, but we're still
               working on DICF design and associated tools. Perhaps
               they'll be out by 1Q1999 or 2Q1999. Discussion and beta
               versions will appear on the dict-beta list first, so if
               you're interested join that mailing list.
               FILE: The Free Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia

               While we are currently using several freely available
               dictionary databases, with over 300,000 total
               headwords, we find that users still search for a
               considerable number of undefined words. We are slowly
               compiling lists of these words and writing definitions
               for them, and we encourage your assistance. The
               collected definitions will be used for a new database
               called FILE: The Free Internet Lexicon and
               Encyclopedia. The definitions will be freely available
               for other database maintainers to use (we do not
               exercise any editorial control over pre-existing


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