Re: Nearsighted Monkeys, Election Booth Levers

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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 17:19:04 PST

In a message dated 11/12/00 7:41:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, a nervous Tony

<< Promiscuity llinked to stronger immune system
 And despite the impression that soap operas might give about our propensity
 to monkey around, humans have white blood cell counts that
 are consistent with being monogamous, the researchers found in a separate

okay, so if we reverse the unnatural trend of monogamy we might increase our
white blood cell counts to the levels of barbaray macaques in how many
evolutionary cycles? i think those of us humans who take a leadership
position in boosting the count should be (choose one)

1) lauded.
2) tested for std's under an unweildy and inefficient nationalized healthcare
system beholden to lobbyists and subsidized by taxes.
3) tested for std's under an inefficient and arguably less expensive
"private" system subsidized by stealth taxes and spiraling insurance
premiums. don't forget the lobbyists.
4) given lasik* surgery for nearsightedness to reduce the need for glasses.
5) given laser surgery for cataracts to improve brs (ballot response systems)

* expensive ELECTIVE surgery not to be confused with #5.

(Doesn't medicare cover cataract surgery?)

(Donated eyeglasses are distributed for free to the needy by private
corporations like LensCrafters.)



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