Re: [CNN] Bush 2,909,465; Gore 2,907,722.

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 10:15:54 PST

> My expeiences in the US involved spending a LOT of time waiting for
> appointments as a hospital outpatient. The doctors I encountered wouldnt
> even take the time to explain what was happening to me. On the second visit
> I had to physically jam the door so he couldnt get out before explaining
> what the problem was and what the treatment entailed and what the
> consequences would be

Sounds like an HMO. I'll grant that HMOs suck: my girlfriend is on an HMO and
has been dealing with one persistent but noncritical health issue for *years*
with no resolution through her HMO. OTOH, I can walk into my private doctor's
office any day of the week, sit down, and have a chat with him. That's good


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