Welcome Jared...

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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 02:07:55 PST

We're closing in on 200 people. Currently at 194... welcome, Jared.
Feel free to lurk...

I've become convinced that New Mexico is the center of the universe.
Far more interesting things have happened there than should be
reflective of its relative population size...

> From jared@wordzoo.com Mon Nov 13 03:10:36 2000
> Subject: Subscribe/give myself over to the fork
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> Please subscribe jared@wordzoo.com to the current, late-life-cycle
> incarnation of FoRK.

> How I arrived at this decision: After years of doing productive work
> (and thus consciously avoided FoRK), I am now on an extended
> sabbatical, getting bored, and looking for quality pseudo-content with
> which to fill my days with pseudo-thoughts to achieve
> pseudo-enlightenment. I can think of no better candidate than FoRK.

> Reasons I don't suck (ahem): I post only reasoned, high-signal
> messages/bits and am unlikely to propagate threads that should die.

> Reasons I do suck (ahem ahem): Likely to lurk.

> Rohit history: I spent an engaging few days in Los Alamos speeding up
> my speech recognition centers and hoping this similiar-body-morph but
> rather-more-tan gentlemen didn't spend the rest of his life only doing
> research.

> Distributed object quote difference summary: One assumes a particular
> implementation (matters).

> Composable interface koan: It is and is not about the technology.

> - -- jared@wordzoo.com

> "Pioneers get shot full of arrows." - Rob McCool in "Using PGP/PEM encryption"


If I say FoRK two more times That's 46 FoRKs in this FoRKed up rhyme... -- Limp Bizkit, "Hot Dog"

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