[RRE]Bush Team Prepares "Scorched-Earth" Plan

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From: Wayne E Baisley (wbaisley@enspherics.com)
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 22:51:35 PST

Is anybody else getting tired of Phil Agre's one-sided view? I don't
object to his having strongly held and expressed political views,
although I thought I was signing up for a technical newsletter in RRE.
But it would seem that everything the Republicans do is in bad faith and
probably a conspiracy. One example:

> The press reports that if the Bush campaign fails in its attempt to
> suppress the hand recounts of voters' ballots that are provided by
> Florida law, as seems likely, then they will implement a "scorched-
> earth" plan involving legal challenges to the election outcomes in
> Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

So, it's the expressed will of the electorate in Florida, and scorched-
earth elsewhere? I expected better. The political discussion and even
the catfights on FoRK have been far more enlightening and entertaining.


"Minimum wage, heeyah!" TMBG

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