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From: rbfar@ebuilt.com
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 17:07:10 PST

Hello All:

I've seen P2P discussed here quite a bit. But, I don't know much about actual implementations available out there.

What do you guys know about the availble implementations for a system that does file sharing and transfer over HTTP (and relevant API), has a full blown push mechanism API, has an event notification API, etc.

Is there any out there? I have a project that needs something like this but don't know what's available. I need to have a bunch of servers send each other files over HTTP using something close to what I just described. BTW, I know I can do this with Servlets/Java over HTTP.... But I am assuming that someone has already built a generic framework with some API so that I don't have to define everything from scratch. Know of any?

Thanks in advance,


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